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Despre colaborarea cu Caritas Elveţia

… At the first meeting of Caritas Switzerland in March 2008 I haven’t thought that there will follow a long lasting cooperation. Now we are at the third year of Caritas Switzerland Strategy for Republic of Moldova implementation and I may certainly state that together we have realized a lot of important things.

First of all, we have developed reintegration services for disadvantaged youth, including know how elements tested already in developed countries, such as support at assisted housing, mediation and vocational integration, educational assistance in order to form and develop Independent Life Skills.

Secondly we discovered in Caritas Switzerland a strategic partner from whom we have received not just funding, but who also contributed to the improvement of the Association’s institutional and professional capacities. Today we can see the effects of these investments:

  • Capacities in providing social services;
  • Qualitative institutional management;
  • Partnerships with Local Public Authorities and business sphere.

Thirdly, we have increased NGO’s “Demos” image within the region and the country. We worked hardly in order to ensure a maximum visibility to Caritas Switzerland and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

So far we have fully implemented the project “Start into Independent Life” through which there were integrated into community 151 disadvantaged youth from the district of Edinet. We are now at the phase of finishing “Accent on YOUth” project through which we contribute to the socio-vocational integration of youth from 6 Northern districts of Moldova.

In the same time we are at the phase of start-up the project „START-2” through which we provide qualitative social services to orphan youth, youth from disadvantaged families, single mothers, young families in difficulty. In the same project we apply knowledge and abilities obtained in advocacy negotiating with public authorities regarding the support of created social services.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation with Caritas Switzerland and we can characterize the team of specialists from this institution with a high degree of professionalism, flexibility, openness in communication, capacity to trust partners – qualities that generate sustainable efficient partnerships.

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